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Brand osome2some was established by two designers from Saint Petersburg, Anna Andrienko and Natalya Buzakova. Their first collection was created in India, where the emerging brand received its name from. While purchasing raw silk in the town of Varanasi, the women had their photograph taken for a local newspaper, which ran the image with a caption “awesome twosome”.
In 2008, the designer duo presented their first collection in London, where they lived and worked at the time. It was there that they also interned with and learned from the patternmaker at Alexander McQueen – Fumie Kimura.
In 2009, the designers opened a studio and set up their own production facility in Saint Petersburg. The creation of the first two coats in 2010 became a turning point for the brand. The subsequent great demand for the outerwear inspired designers to pay closer attention to tailoring and materials in use.
The brand also established itself as a formidable manufacturer of coats. Nevertheless, twice a year the designers create an entire range of clothing in addition to outerwear in their prêt-à-porter collections.
Neoclassics is the principal concept behind the brand. Osome2some clothing is sophisticated, but brims with tangible volume; it comes alive by virtue of unusual manufacturing techniques, fabric textures and experimental details. Designers relinquish precise sketching, choosing to create clothes directly on a mannequin at fittings. Osome2some clothing adheres to the idea of creating a mood and a feeling of lightness, naturalness, attractiveness and strength for a wearer at the same time. While creating the collections, the designers are guided by their own perception and idea of how they themselves would want to look like.
At present, osome2some has its own manufacturing facility in Saint Petersburg, with a production team amounting to 31. Materials for the collections are manufactured in Italy and France by special order from the designers.
Collections are available in brand stores in Moscow and Saint Petersburg as well as online with worldwide shipping provided.
osome2some collections are shown at fashion weeks, including Aurora Fashion Week, Kiev Fashion Days, Mercedes-Benz Moscow Fashion Week and Pitti Super Milano.
osome2some has been featured in Vogue Italia, Vogue Russia, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, and InStyle.

Own production facility. Modern equipment. Expert tailors.

Materials from the best Italian manufacturers. Use of the latest wool-processing technologies.

Colour selection. Custom length of garment and sleeves.