Terms and Conditions

1. General provisions

1.1. Definitions used:

Seller – Sole trader “Andrienko Anna Anatolyevna”
INN: 781128575156 / OGRNIP: 309784727800926 / OKATO: 40285566000 /
OKVED: 52.41 / Registration № PFR: 088010067906

Online Store (Website) — website at osome2some.com, which is dedicated to providing product selection services to the Customer for the purpose of their subsequent purchase from the Seller.
Customer — an individual, who uses the services of the Online Store and acquires products by means of entering into a retail purchase agreement with the Seller.
Parties – the Customer and the Seller
Order — a Customer’s request for the purchase and, if necessary, the delivery of products, which are offered for sale on the Website by the Seller, executed in accordance with the rules, which are stipulated in these Terms and Conditions.
Courier – a representative of the Seller (or a courier company, which delivers products on the basis of the agreement with the Seller), authorised to transfer products to the Customer and to carry out financial transactions.
1.2. By registering in the Online Store and placing an Order in any separate instance, the Customer agrees to the use of these Terms and Conditions toward the relationship between the Parties, related to the selection of products and the subsequent conclusion of the retail purchase agreement.
1.3. The relationship between the Parties is regulated by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the Russian Consumer Protection Law, and other legislative acts, which govern the sphere of retail and remote commerce.
1.4. The Seller has a right to unilaterally make changes to these Terms without any limitations on time and content of such alterations. The fact of the Customer registration and/or the Order placement in the Online Store signifies that the Customer has read, understood and agreed to the use of these Terms and Conditions.

2. Customer registration

2.1. The registration of the Customer in the Online Store is a prerequisite to the Order placement. To register in the Online Store, the Customer must provide the following information: name, telephone number and email. Information may be shared with the Customer by means of SMS messages, sent to the mobile number, which was indicated by the Customer during the registration process.
2.2. Customer registration follows the procedure specified on the Website, and concludes with the Seller sending an email to the Customer’s email address with the personal login and password of the Customer.
2.3. The Customer is responsible for the validity of the information indicated by the Customer during the registration process in the Online Store as well as for the use of their login and password by third parties.
2.4. If the Customer suspects a possible unauthorised use of their login and password or needs to change their login and password, the Customer must immediately contact the webmaster at admin@osome2some.com.

3. Order placement

3.1. All information about the products published on the Website is for reference purposes only and does not fully reflect the actual details on properties and attributes of the products. To receive additional information about the products, the Customer can contact the Seller by phone +7 812 96-244-96 or send a message on the Website or by email to admin@osome2some.com
3.2. The Customer independently puts together an Order based on the information about the products, which is provided on the Website.
3.3. After the Customer placed an Order in the Online Store, the manager will contact them shortly to clarify delivery and payment terms (if the Customer did not select the option of online payment by card).
3.4. The Seller shall inform the Customer about the Order status by email or by phone as well as in the ‘My account’ section of the Website. The Customer can find out the status of their Order until its handover to the courier by calling customer support number +7 812 96-244-96. When the Order is handed over by the Seller to the Courier, the Customer has a right to request a tracking number, contact details of the courier service and other information, which will allow them to track their Order up until its delivery.
3.5. The Seller has a right to cancel the Customer’s Order or exclude certain products from the Order if the Seller (his suppliers) does not have the ordered items in stock, provided that the Customer is notified of the fact by phone or email.
3.6. If the Seller cancels the Order or excludes certain products from the Order, any advance payment received by the Seller, including the delivery cost, shall be refunded to the Customer in full or correspondingly in part within 10 days from the moment, when the Seller received a refund request.

4. Shipping and delivery terms

4.1. The retail purchase agreement between the Seller and the Customer is considered concluded on the grounds, stipulated in these Terms and Conditions, from the moment, when the Courier hands over a purchase receipt or other document that confirms the payment for products. The risk of an accidental demise or an accidental damage of goods is transferred to the Customer from the moment, when they receive the Order, which is confirmed by a signature of the Customer (the Order Recipient or other person, to whom the goods ought to be delivered in accordance with these Terms and Conditions) on the document, which confirms the delivery of goods.
4.2. The delivery of products, purchased in the Online Store, is carried out in the manner, selected by the Customer:
— collection of the Order by the Customer (pick-up);
— delivery to the address, indicated by the Customer.
Detailed information on delivery terms and conditions is provided for reference in the corresponding Delivery section of the Website.
4.3. When the Customer receives the Order, they must check the appearance, quantity, packaging of products, completeness of separate items and the product range of the Order as a whole.
4.4. Upon delivery, the Order is handed over to the Customer or the Order Recipient. If they are not present at the point of delivery, the Order is handed over to the person, who has provided a printed out message with the Order confirmation from the Seller and paid for the goods.
4.5. In case of an advance payment, the Courier shall deliver the Order to the person, who has presented a payment slip, provided that the indicated person shows their passport (or another identity document) in order to enter their last name, first name, patronymic and passport details into a document, which confirms the handover of goods.
4.6. If the Customer selects a pick-up option, the Order is stored at a service point for 3 days from the date, when the Order confirmation was issued to the Customer. If the Customer fails to collect goods within a specified period of time, the Order shall be cancelled by the Seller. In case of an advance payment for such an Order, the paid amount is subject to a refund to the Customer in the manner, specified in the article 3.6 of these Terms and Conditions.

5. Product price and payment

5.1. The cost of a product, specified on the Website, is subject to unilateral change by the Seller. The Seller does not guarantee the availability of a product at a price indicated on the Website. The prices of products, which constitute an Order confirmed by the Seller, are not subject to change, except in those cases, which are stipulated by these Terms and Conditions.
5.2. Methods of payment for an Order are specified in the Payment section of the Website.
5.3. If the price of the product is stated incorrectly, the Seller shall immediately notify the Customer of the cancellation of the Order confirmation for this product in the manner, specified in the article 3.6 of the Terms and Conditions. In case of an advance payment for the cancelled Order, the amount received as a payment for a product is subject to a refund in the manner, specified in the article 3.7 of these Terms and Conditions.
5.4. The Seller has a right to apply discounts to the price of products (cost of services, including delivery), use various bonuses and special offers as well as unilaterally change or cancel them at any time.
5.5 If the Customer violates Terms and Conditions of payment and/or refuses to accept the Order without a reason, the Seller has a right to unilaterally change current Terms and Conditions for this Customer in regards to the payment for the Customer’s subsequent orders. The fact of the Customer registration and/or the Order placement in the Online Store signifies that the Customer has read and agrees to the use of these Terms and Conditions.

6. Other provisions

6.1. All rights to the materials that constitute the content of the Website belong to the Seller or his partners. Any use of these materials is allowed only with the written consent of the Seller.
6.2. The Seller has a right to entrust to third parties his rights and responsibilities, which stem from the relationship with the Customer when the latter uses the services of the Online Store and purchases products.
6.3. The Seller guarantees to fulfill the requirements of the Russian Federal law “On personal data” and other legal regulations, which control the processing of personal data. By registering on the Website or by phone, the Customer gives permission to the Seller to process their personal data for the purposes that include promotion of products and services.
6.4. Dispute settlement is carried out in a mandatory compliance with the pre-litigation process by means of filing a written complaint. Prior to filing a complaint, the Customer has a right to approach the Seller for explanations in any convenient way. If the agreement cannot be reached, dispute between the Parties shall be subject to legal proceedings in court in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.